The New Media Institute Presents

The First NMI Magazine Featuring Augmented Reality

Think Print Is Dead?

The need to innovate print has become a necessity in the technology industry.

Think Again.

Watch the NMI put a little magic back into print.


The NMI Augmented Reality Magazine speaks on behalf of the University of Georgia's New Media Institute (NMI). The magazine's mission is to inform, interact and engage you with the NMI through augmented reality, a blend of real-life imagery with virtual elements, such as audio, video and social media.

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The NMI Augmented Reality Magazine was created to inform you about all of the exciting news, events and projects happening at UGA's New Media Institute.

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The NMI Augmented Reality Magazine allows you to interact with the magazine content virtually through videos, quizzes, mobile apps and social media.

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The NMI Augmented Reality Magazine makes it convenient for you to engage directly with the New Media Institute by allowing you to subscribe, connect and donate to the NMI with just a tap of a button on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Augmented Reality Features

Bring print to life.


Take a virtual tour of the NMI facilities. Watch UGA student TED talks and interviews of students, professors and partners of the NMI.


Take a short, fun quiz to find out which NMI professor you're most like.

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Mobile Apps

Preview the mobile apps NMI students created for past Capstone projects.

Social Media

Connect with NMI students and professors on LinkedIn, update your Google calendar for upcoming NMI events, share photos of the augmented reality you see and view Twitter posts of the NMI.



Beyond the NMI

Augmented reality is here to stay.

Augmented Reality Practical Usage



Throughout this project, we learned that print content and augmented reality content had to simultaneously work together in order to create an engaging, compelling experience. Though we started off our project by showcasing the NMI, we very quickly broadened our horizons. We began to see how AR could be used practically in the professional world to recreate advertisements, informative pamphlets and even art.

According to Semico Research, “More than 864 million mobile devices will be equipped with augmented reality technology by 2014,” and “...revenue generated by augmented reality technology [will reach] $600 billion by 2016.” We believe that this technology has an astounding amount of potential, if used properly and with intention.

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Aurasma APP .

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  • Augmented reality platform by HP Autonomy
  • Allows users to view extra content on print, such as audio, video and web links
  • Enables users to create their own augmented reality content called "auras"
  • Grants users access to channels to view augmented reality content created by other organizations and brands


The NMI uses the augmented reality platform Aurasma to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world. One of the challenges we faced in the project was learning how to use Aurasma Studios to create the augmented reality content. Fortunately, we were able to gain access to Aurasma Studios through the NMI's parternship with Aurasma. Scroll down below to read more about the functionality of the app.

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Let's Take a Closer Look

How Does Aurasma Work?

As one of the few augmented reality applications on the market with a foothold in the advertising industry, Aurasma allows you to view augmented reality content using your iOS device.

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    Trigger Image
    A trigger image is one of the basic building blocks of an Aura. It is an image uploaded to our databases that will be detected when a user views it through the camera. When it is detected, an overlay will appear.
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    Overlays are images, videos, animations or even 3D models that appear whenever Aurasma sees an image that it recognises. For example if you want a photo of you on the beach to play a video from your holiday whenever you point your smartphone at it, then you would set your holiday video as the overlay (and the photo of you as the trigger image).
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    Auras are augmented reality actions - images, videos, 3D animations or even games that appear when you point your mobile device at a real world image or object.
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System Requirements

Through trial and error we found that the Aurasma App worked best on the IOS plaftforms. Certain rules apply to each operating system, and in order for us to accomplish our goal, we focused on the functionality of augmented reality in IOS systems.

Follow these steps to begin your augmented reality experience:
  • Download the Aurasma App from your application store.
  • Create a username and password.
  • Search for the NMI UGA's Channel, and follow them.
  • Hold the Aurasma camera at an angle over the Aura you would like to see.
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More About The NMI Augmented Reality Magazine

Meet the NMI APP Team. The brains behind making it work, then making it work better.

  • Kandace Sweat Programmer

    Kandace is a senior at UGA, graduating in Dec. 2013. She is majoring in public relations with a minor in communication and a Certificate in New Media. Kandace was responsible for the development and functionality of the project. She used the Aurasma application to create the main technology, augmented reality (AR), which is found throughout the magazine. Other technologies Kandace used to create AR was Final Cut Pro X to shoot and edit video, Adobe Flash to create special effects for transtions, and Photoshop. Kandace was also responsible for the development of the website using Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • Gloria Jen Visual Designer

    Gloria is a senior at The Univeristy of Georgia majoring in public relations and minoring in religion with a Certificate in New Media. As the visual designer, Gloria was responsible for the design and creation of the print magazine, project logo, project poster and overall look of the project. She designed the layout of each magazine page, as well as the augmented reality graphics, using Adobe's InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. She was responsible for the content editing and final product of the magazine itself. She was also responsible for editing website content on Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • Kellie Bishop Content Producer

    Kellie is a fifth year at The University of Georgia, majoring in advertising with a Certificate in New Media. Kellie’s main responsibilities involved developing content for the magazine, as well as the project book. This involved researching all aspects of the New Media Institute and gathering photos and videos that were needed for the project. Kellie also worked on some of the functionality of the augmented reality on Aurasma Studios.

  • Taylor Tokarz Team Manager

    Taylor is a third year at The University of Georiga, majoring in advertising with a Certificate in New Media. Taylor was responsible for organizing the different aspects of the project with team members to make sure everything came together. She managed to-do lists and deadlines and set up interviews with clients, students and professors involved with the project.

FAQ. You have questions. We have answers.

The fusion of virtual and real-life imagery, achieved via the use of modern image-processing technology.

No, there are several different applications that support augmented reality such as Layar and Blippar.

It's important to remember that you have to search for NMI UGA's Channel and follow them in order to retrieve the specific Auras for the trigger image. In addition, be sure to hold your device directly over the entire image.

Aurasma is the app company that we used to access the augmented reality software.

Still have another question? Contact us and let's talk about it.

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